Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby Cole [boise idaho newborn photographer}

What a sweet little baby boy! Love this little family, I have been working with them since their first baby girl was born! Love to see such sweet families grow. Baby Cole was a total angel mom and I had tons of fun playing with this sweetie. Enjoy your peek, and congrats to a most loving and sweet family!  photo JE5A1510-2.jpg  photo JE5A1515.jpg photo JE5A1502-bw.jpg photo JE5A1534-bw.jpg photo JE5A1545.jpg photo JE5A1561.jpg photo JE5A1584.jpg photo JE5A1629.jpg photo JE5A1641-bw.jpg photo JE5A1654.jpg photo JE5A1664-2.jpg photo JE5A1684.jpg photo JE5A1696.jpg photo JE5A1700.jpg photo JE5A1736.jpg

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sadie & Jason Wedding {meridian idaho wedding photographer}

Love this Trent family! It has been so fun to watch the two love birds Sadie and Jason! This day was just as perfect as could be! Beautiful bride, day and decorations, not to mention the food! Thank you Trent family for letting me be a part of this most special day.  photo JE5A0669.jpg photo JE5A0681.jpg photo JE5A0663.jpg photo JE5A0653.jpg photo JE5A0649-bw.jpg photo JE5A0644.jpg photo JE5A0640.jpg photo JE5A0698.jpg photo JE5A0692.jpg photo JE5A0686.jpg photo JE5A0713.jpg photo JE5A0726.jpg photo JE5A0770.jpg photo JE5A0804.jpg photo JE5A0811.jpg photo JE5A0912-bw.jpg photo JE5A0914-bw.jpg photo JE5A0918-bw.jpg photo JE5A0925-bw.jpg photo Untitled-1-2.jpg

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gabby {nampa idaho newborn photographer}

This sweet thing was so new and fresh at just over one week old! She was so calm and quiet, and a very good sleeper. Her mom and I had a blast dressing her up for her photo shoot. This little lady is baby #7 and the sixth girl, she has a lot of sisters to love on her! Kim you are the best so glad we had this morning together! Congrats and enjoy!  photo JE5A1117.jpg photo JE5A1090.jpg photo JE5A1068-bw-2.jpg photo JE5A1101.jpg photo JE5A1082-2.jpg photo JE5A1054-2-bw.jpg photo JE5A1053.jpg photo JE5A1043.jpg photo JE5A1030.jpg photo JE5A1013.jpg photo JE5A0996.jpg photo JE5A0980.jpg photo JE5A0960.jpg

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Joe & Diane {idaho wedding photographer}

So grateful to be part of this beautiful wedding! Both Joe and Diane lost their spouses a few years back. This is the second marriage for both of them. What a beautiful celebration of love for the past, present and future. These two families are both so incredible, and have an amazing amount of love for their parents! I loved being part of their special day! Congratulations Joe & Diane so happy for the years you have to spend with each other!  photo Untitled-1-1.jpg photo JE5A0086.jpg photo JE5A0090.jpg photo JE5A0087.jpg photo JE5A0136.jpg photo JE5A0137.jpg photo JE5A0138.jpg photo JE5A0139.jpg photo JE5A0140.jpg photo JE5A0142.jpg photo JE5A0145.jpg photo JE5A0144.jpg photo JE5A0146.jpg photo JE5A0150.jpg photo JE5A0153.jpg photo JE5A0159-bw.jpg photo JE5A0161.jpg  photo JE5A0163-bw.jpg photo JE5A0167-bw.jpg photo JE5A0172.jpg photo JE5A0114.jpg

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