Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paul & Amanda + Family {nampa idaho family photographer}

Loved having the opportunity to photograph this families first family photo!  They were all so excited to be together and have the moment captured forever.  I feel so lucky to have  job that allows me access to the most intimate moments of peoples lives.  I love seeing and feeling love, joy, happiness, and excitement from all of my wonderful clients!

 photo JE5A4241.jpg
 photo JE5A4234.jpg
 photo JE5A4300.jpg
 photo JE5A4285.jpg
 photo JE5A4265.jpg
 photo JE5A4276.jpg
 photo JE5A4217.jpg
 photo JE5A4337.jpg
 photo JE5A4352.jpg
 photo JE5A4313.jpg
 photo JE5A4324.jpg
 photo JE5A4439.jpg

Monday, July 29, 2013

Kimi & Miles Bridals {nampa idaho wedding photographer}

With the wedding just one short week away this bridal session was just so magical!  I can't ever get over the look on a grooms face seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.  Bridal are such a great way to have the first look, and get a lot of the wedding pictures done in a very laid back way.  I love, love, love the location the bride and groom picked out, it was just so romantic!  A perfect evening to capture the love these two have for each other!  Can't wait for their wedding!

 photo JE5A6456.jpg
 photo JE5A6338.jpg
 photo JE5A6353.jpg
 photo JE5A6389.jpg
 photo JE5A6368.jpg
 photo JE5A6445.jpg
 photo JE5A6478-2.jpg
 photo JE5A6413.jpg
 photo JE5A6433.jpg
 photo JE5A6551.jpg
 photo JE5A6541.jpg
 photo JE5A6505.jpg
 photo JE5A6620.jpg
 photo JE5A6644.jpg
 photo JE5A6651.jpg

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miss Idaho

Meet the the new 2013 Miss Idaho Sara!  Such a beautiful person inside and out.  I had a wonderful time photographing her, and could have spent all day with her.  We all wish her the best of luck representing Idaho at the Miss America pagent in September!

 photo JE5A6237.jpg

 photo JE5A6246.jpg
 photo JE5A6264.jpg
 photo JE5A6267.jpg
 photo JE5A6289.jpg
 photo JE5A6302-2.jpg
 photo JE5A6325-2.jpg
 photo JE5A6170.jpg
 photo JE5A6192.jpg
 photo JE5A6188.jpg

Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby Evelyn {nampa idaho newborn photographer}

Love every chance I get to photograph these sweet little newborns!  Baby Evelyn comes to a family of all brothers who are so sweet with their new little sister.  They all were so excited to be a part of the newborn session, we even talked the oldest brother into several shots he really did not want to do, but they turned out so cute!  Thanks Anjela for an awesome morning with you and your darling family!

 photo JE5A3913.jpg
 photo JE5A3948.jpg
 photo JE5A3961.jpg
 photo JE5A3980.jpg
 photo JE5A3758-2-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3767-2.jpg
 photo JE5A3780.jpg
 photo JE5A3797-2.jpg
 photo JE5A3831.jpg
 photo JE5A3836-2.jpg
 photo JE5A3850.jpg
 photo JE5A3861.jpg
 photo JE5A3880-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3984-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3995-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A4010-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A4123.jpg

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