Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ashton Wise {vallivue high school senior photographer}

One amazing girl! Every person I have met that knows this girl loves her!  She is funny, outgoing, super sweet, has killer dance moves!  We had one fun senior session!

 photo JE5A9676-1.jpg
 photo JE5A9633-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A9606.jpg
 photo JE5A9599.jpg
 photo JE5A9597.jpg
 photo JE5A9460.jpg
 photo JE5A9433.jpg
 photo JE5A9418.jpg
 photo JE5A9393.jpg
 photo JE5A9327.jpg
 photo JE5A9184.jpg
 photo JE5A9177.jpg

Moorhouse Family {meridian idaho family photographer}

I had a blast with this family!  So full of love, laughter, and positive energy.  As you can see their is only one girl and she is the apple of her brother's eyes.  The location and light were glorious, and the company was even better, does not get better than this for a photographer!

 photo JE5A9942.jpg
 photo JE5A9826.jpg
 photo JE5A9812.jpg
 photo JE5A9979.jpg
 photo JE5A9787.jpg
 photo JE5A9799.jpg
 photo JE5A9865.jpg
 photo JE5A9688.jpg
 photo JE5A9770.jpg
 photo JE5A9703.jpg
 photo JE5A9759.jpg
 photo JE5A9676.jpg
 photo JE5A9742.jpg photo JE5A9640.jpg
 photo JE5A0007-2.jpg

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Allison & Jordan Wedding {nampa idaho wedding photographer}

Love these two darling love birds!  What a perfect day for a wedding, family, friends, weather, decorations, food......everything was perfect! I always feel so lucky to be such an intimate part of the most important day for two people, and their families.  These families were huge in size, and equal in their love for Allison and Jordan.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this day!

 photo 0011.jpg
 photo 0029-1.jpg
 photo 0050.jpg
 photo 0052.jpg
 photo 0033-1.jpg
 photo 0039.jpg
 photo 0053-2.jpg
 photo 0055.jpg
 photo 0060.jpg
 photo 0057-1.jpg
 photo 0058.jpg
 photo 0066-1.jpg
 photo 0063.jpg
 photo 0070.jpg
 photo 0079.jpg
 photo 0074.jpg
 photo 0073.jpg
 photo 0084-1.jpg
 photo 0075.jpg
 photo 0092-1.jpg
 photo 0093-2.jpg
 photo 0124-1.jpg
 photo 0088-1.jpg
 photo 0123.jpg
 photo 0172.jpg
 photo 0173.jpg
 photo 0174.jpg
 photo 0178.jpg
 photo 0185-1.jpg
 photo 0209.jpg
 photo 0213.jpg
 photo 0216.jpg
 photo 0219.jpg

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