Saturday, August 24, 2013

Allyson & Jordan Bridal's and First Look! {nampa idaho wedding photographer}

Nothing gets better than being a part of young, blissful, pure, love!  I am in love with the look on Jordan's face when he saw his bride for the first time!  He kept telling me he had butterflies while waiting for her, too cute!  These two are so much in love and I feel so lucky to be able to capture the memories for them to have forever!  Congrats you two!

 photo JE5A9282-2.jpg
 photo JE5A9348.jpg
 photo JE5A9341.jpg
 photo JE5A9333-2.jpg
 photo JE5A9374.jpg
 photo JE5A9319.jpg
 photo JE5A9382.jpg
 photo JE5A9435.jpg
 photo JE5A9447-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A9399.jpg
 photo JE5A9463-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A9470.jpg
 photo JE5A9551.jpg
 photo JE5A9481.jpg
 photo JE5A9560.jpg
 photo JE5A9593.jpg
 photo JE5A9305.jpg

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lange Family {meridian idaho family photographer}

I have known this family since all their babies were actually babies!  We did this photo shoot the day before the family took kate off to her first year of college.  Needless to say the feelings were very close to the surface.  The Lange family is always up for a good laugh, and everyone has the personality to create lots of laughter!  Could not have been a more beautiful evening, so glad I was able to help create some lasting memories!

 photo JE5A8675.jpg
 photo JE5A8679.jpg
 photo JE5A8720.jpg
 photo JE5A8701-2.jpg
 photo JE5A8765.jpg
 photo JE5A8733.jpg
 photo JE5A8825.jpg
 photo JE5A8813.jpg
 photo JE5A8770-2.jpg
 photo JE5A8794.jpg
 photo JE5A8852.jpg
 photo JE5A8842.jpg
 photo JE5A8738.jpg
 photo JE5A8874.jpg
 photo JE5A8874.jpg
 photo JE5A8883-1.jpg
 photo JE5A8885.jpg
 photo JE5A8938.jpg
 photo JE5A8897.jpg
 photo JE5A8943-2.jpg
A photo shoot with the Lange family would not be complete without a Ninja pose!
 photo JE5A8901.jpg

Seegmiller Family {meridian idaho family photographer}

I love my job!  I get to meet the neatest people all the time!  This family is an amazing group of people! They are smart, talented, funny, and super nice!  I loved spending the morning with them.  The children purchased the photo session for their parents 30th wedding anniversary thoughtful and sweet! Enjoy your peek.

 photo JE5A7885.jpg
 photo JE5A7967.jpg
 photo JE5A7933.jpg
 photo JE5A7937.jpg
 photo JE5A7898.jpg
 photo JE5A7969.jpg
 photo JE5A7991-2.jpg
 photo JE5A8015.jpg

Monday, August 19, 2013

Madison 2014 Senior {nampa idaho senior photographer}

I love Seniors!  Nothing better than spending the evening with another outstanding teen!  I have known Madison for several years.  She is one special and talented girl!  Everyone who knows her loves her, her infectious personality, and kind and generous heart!  I am in love with her photos, she is just so stunning!

 photo JE5A8529-1.jpg
 photo JE5A8517.jpg
 photo JE5A8549.jpg
 photo JE5A8331-2.jpg
 photo JE5A8327.jpg
 photo JE5A8209.jpg
 photo JE5A8211.jpg
 photo JE5A8304.jpg
 photo JE5A8240.jpg
 photo JE5A8143.jpg
 photo JE5A8159.jpg
 photo 3photosvertical-2.jpg
 photo 3photosvertical-1.jpg
 photo JE5A8482.jpg
 photo JE5A8467.jpg

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