Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ashley {nampa idaho photographer}

Does not get more fun than shooting your daughters friends!  It's been a terrible rainy week, so we needed a little distraction even if it was raining!  A little modeling 101 was in order!  Great job Ashley you look stunning!!

 photo JE5A3695-5x7.jpg
 photo JE5A3708-5x7-2.jpg
 photo JE5A3723-5x7.jpg
 photo JE5A3753-5x7.jpg

Abby- Idaho's Miss Outstanding Teen {boise idaho photographer}

Had a wonderful afternoon photographing Abby-  Idaho's Miss Outstanding Teen, in preparation for the National Pagent.  Abby is such a poised, talented, sweet, and fun teen.  She has done such a wonderful job representing Idaho.  We had a blast photographing her in all her gorgeous gowns and interview outfits.  Good luck Abby at the National Pagent!

 photo JE5A3027.jpg
 photo JE5A3055.jpg
 photo JE5A3065.jpg
 photo JE5A3081-2.jpg
 photo JE5A3072.jpg
 photo JE5A3100.jpg
 photo JE5A3111.jpg
 photo JE5A3117.jpg
 photo JE5A3136-2.jpg

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beckett {boise idaho newborn photographer}

Such a fun day photographing this little handsome man.  Mom is a fellow photographer, mother, counselor, artist, fashionista, and the list goes on and on....... We had never met until this fun, fun day, and it felt like we had always known each other.  It was fun to photograph mother and children in their everyday moments, does not hurt when they are all so beautiful!  Perfect baby, new friends, great memories.

 photo JE5A3461.jpg
 photo JE5A3494.jpg
 photo JE5A3480.jpg
 photo JE5A3515.jpg
 photo JE5A3521.jpg
 photo JE5A3523.jpg
 photo JE5A3536.jpg
 photo JE5A3566.jpg
 photo JE5A3579.jpg
 photo JE5A3589.jpg
 photo JE5A3591.jpg
 photo JE5A3594.jpg
 photo JE5A3613.jpg
 photo JE5A3627.jpg
 photo JE5A3637.jpg
 photo JE5A3647.jpg

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jordan & Amy {boise idaho wedding photographer}

Can't say enough good things about this totally darling couple and their families!!  Such a beautiful evening at the Sky Center.  The decorations were beautiful that is for sure, but their was something extra special in the it love, adoration, bliss, the perfect match, what ever it was everyone could feel it!  Aside from all that lovey-dovey-ness these families sure know how to dance!!!  Most fun I have ever had watching dad mimic his daughters dancing "gangnam style"!!  Amazing families, wonderful memories, so lucky to be apart of nights like these!

 photo 9squares.jpg photo 0099.jpg

 photo 3photosvertical.jpg

 photo 0079-bw.jpg
 photo 0046.jpg
 photo 0045.jpg
 photo 0043.jpg
 photo 0013.jpg
 photo 0034.jpg

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Makenzie {boise idaho newborn photographer}

Such a sweet experience to be able to photograph your sister-in-law's first baby!  Makenzie is just a beautiful sweet baby!  Her mom, dad, brother, and sister love her so much.  Loved spending the day with family and enjoying the sweetness of new life.  Leslie you are a wonderful sweet mother, loved seeing your tenderness with kenzie, she is lucky to have you!

 photo JE5A3353.jpg
 photo JE5A3394-2.jpg
 photo JE5A3350.jpg
 photo JE5A3339.jpg
 photo JE5A3299.jpg
 photo JE5A3416-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3269-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3252-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3247-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3243-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3210-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3208-2.jpg
 photo JE5A3194-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3190-bw.jpg
 photo JE5A3182.jpg
 photo JE5A3165.jpg

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